Darcy has been wonderful in helping me heal my gut & respiratory systems. I used to experience anaphylaxis about once every 6-8 weeks due to histamine overload, but I didn’t know what my problem was until someone recommended I see her. I’m still working on things and I know it’s about adopting a new long-term lifestyle, but, with Darcy’s recommendations, I’ve gone a long way in a few short months. When I first saw Darcy, I used an epi-pen, took several Benadryl routinely & used an inhaler 4 times daily, just to breathe. I also took reflux medication, ant-acids & an anti-histamine daily. I’ve been seeing Darcy just a few months and my last episode of anaphylaxis was prior to my first appointment with her. I’ve also been able to cut down drastically, almost completely, on medications, by taking natural supplements, changing my diet & controlling those factors I can control to manage my health. Without Darcy’s expertise, thoughtful treatment plan & excellent care, I’d still be suffering from histamine intolerance. Thank you, Darcy, for all of your help. I’d be happy to talk to anyone who is considering meeting with Darcy.                                                            
— Maria

I have struggled with Migraines for many years, but in June of 2013 I transitioned into the “Chronic Migraine” category. I was having migraines everyday, sometimes all day, I would go to bed with a migraine and wake up with the same one. Medicines that used to work now did nothing & I began to feel very desperate and hopeless. I started to see an assortment of specialist from Osteopaths to Functional Medical Doctors. I learned a lot in that time, & realized my problem wasn’t just migraines, but leaky gut and inflammation were really contributing to my condition. Then in the winter of 2015  I started visiting with Darcy and I quickly began realize how much my diet and supplements really could help me get some extended relief, that traditional medications could never do. I now only have one or two migraines a month! And I feel so much more empowered and in control of an illness that used to make me feel so helpless. My time with Darcy has really been a learning experience and I am so grateful for the valuable information I have gained through her process. Its not always easy, but totally worth the effort and Darcy is patient, kind and and understanding. Many Thanks,
— Emily

Darcy is amazing! She knows her way around all the different herbs and exactly how they help us. Being sick for so long she has helped me know what my body needs to heal. She is also learning new techniques that are so fascinating and work wonderful!                                                                                      
— Savannah

I was diagnosed by my doctor in March of 2011 with arthritis in my knees which caused pain and caused my knee to give out.  I came to see Darcy a few months later and she put me on an herbal program to build up my joints and address the cause of my joint pain.  Now my joint pain is very minimal and I am able to walk without any problems.
— Don

When I first came to see Darcy I was extremely weak and I was having such terrible issues digesting my food that it was even difficult to eat. I was so weak I couldn’t even drive to the appointment. I also was retaining water in my ankles and my abdomen. In fact, the doctor had actually removed 6 liters of fluid from my abdomen just prior to seeing Darcy. I also had severe back pain and leg pain. During the first month on my nutritional program I began to see improvements in my digestion. I have been seeing Darcy for five months now and my energy is back to normal and I am enjoying gardening again. I have no more fluid retention. My leg pain and back pain are both gone. My appetite is better and my digestion continues to improve. I would definitely recommend Darcy. Instead of only addressing symptoms, she is helping me address my health issues on a deeper level. At each visit she encourages me and helps me to realize that I can be in charge of my health. If you are willing to commit yourself, you are going to see good results.                                                                  
— Kathy

I came to Darcy because I had been having headaches and my eye was constantly twitching. I had been to a neurologist and had an MRI and nothing was found. Therefore the neurologist suggested Botox for my eye and ibuprofen for my headache. My mom said I was too young to have Botox put into my body so I went to see Darcy. We discussed the possibilities of what would cause both of these symptoms and Darcy put me on herbs and suggested that I may need more protein to stabilize my blood sugar. I followed her suggestions and my headaches went away and my eye stopped twitching. I have been to Darcy several times since then and we have changed my herbs in order to address new issues and I have followed her directions and the programs have been very successful.                              
— Kimberly

When I first came to Darcy I was very concerned because I was so extremely tired and cold. I had memory loss, lack of appetite and my cholesterol was high. In fact, I was only in my 30’s and my cholesterol was in the 300s. In addition to taking the supplements she had suggested she also recommended that I get my thyroid tested by my primary care physician. After getting my labs drawn, it turned out that my thyroid was extremely weak. My TSH was 330 which is an extremely high number considering the normal range in between .5-3.5. I was prescribed Armour from my doctor and Darcy supported me with this decision and suggested herbal supplementation to help support my thyroid. Additionally, Darcy educated me on foods and diet to keep my thyroid supported. I did further research and had additional labs drawn which indicated that I had Hashimotos disease. I notice my fatigue, low body temperature and other thyroid symptoms have diminished greatly not only with the Armour but the additional support from Darcy. In addition, after three months of properly supporting my thyroid, my cholesterol labs dropped within normal. I do not hesitate in the least to recommend Darcy to anyone. My three children and I all come to see Darcy to help support our health and well being.                                                                                                                                            
— Michaella

I started seeing Darcy when my emotional and health problems were starting to become unmanageable. In just three months, I’m already beginning to feel like my normal self again! Thanks entirely to my new nutritional plan. She takes the time to make sure she understands your problems and then creates a personal plan that works for you. I would definitely recommend her work!
— M.V

Thanks so much for your consult.  I slept well and feel 100% better.  Looking forward to living pain free all the time.
— Sherry

We met Darcy while grieving the death of our only daughter and only son.  We were in a very bad state.  Being over 80 years old in “a state” physically.  She took her time at each visit to listen to us.  After a thorough assessment she prepared a wellness program for us and prepared just what was needed for our condition (myself first and then my husband).  Darcy skillfully combined the right herbs and treatment which did indeed bring blessed relief for our symptoms.  The results after following her recommendations concerning lifestyle and dietary routines were very favorable indeed.  Darcy’s knowledge and experience with herbs especially brought us relief.  We are truly grateful.
— Juanita

A few years ago I came to see Darcy with Lyme disease issues, high blood pressure and cholesterol numbers that were too high as well as sleep issues.  The herbs have done wonders and have helped lower my blood pressure.  I had extensive blood work done recently for cholesterol related issues and I was told that my numbers were really great, especially for someone my age.  Also, a few months ago I had to have a heart procedure done and the blockage that I had five years ago had improved from 50% blocked to 35% blocked so not stent was not necessary.  My doctor told me to “keep on doing whatever you’re doing because it is working.”  Darcy has also done craniosacral work on me and is it amazing.  I wish I could do it weekly.  The second time I had it done I slept through the night without waking up for the first time in years.
— Donna