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As a little girl I remember being intrigued by jars of dandelion and red clover sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen.  I watched as she reached down to pluck up plants growing in her backyard and then taste them.   I wondered why and was slightly puzzled to watch her eat things most people considered weeds.   Little did I realize then how these simple backyard herbs would later change my life.  I would be use them to heal myself and others.

In my twenties my life seemed to fall apart as I experienced a myriad of health issues.  It started with depression and my skin breaking out with acne.  I went to several doctors and they gave me antidepressants and antibiotics.  However, the results were temporary at best.  The antidepressants numbed my sense of feeling and I knew that was not how I wanted to live.  The antibiotics helped for a short time but then the acne came back even worse than before.

I tried more antibiotics but they didn’t work.  I visited more doctors and they would tell me my bloodwork was fine so nothering was wrong with me and then sent me away.   I felt alone and was afraid that this was to be my life.  I struggled the best I knew how to take care of myself but instead of getting better, over the years my symptoms just increased.  The depression became crippling.  I started breaking out in hives.  I started having digestive issues and began to lose weight.  My sleep suffered.  I was tired and exhausted.  I had gone to many specialists and “alternative” practitioners and they all seemed to want to cleanse me which only made me feel worse.

I learned as much as I could about health and made some dietary changes.  I felt done with doctors and health care practitioners.  However, when I was thirty-three I became pregnant and my digestion became so bad I was afraid I would not be able to give the baby the nutrition it needed.  At this point a friend recommended I go and see an herbalist.  I felt desperate and so I went.   She taught me that a weakened individual should be built up and not be cleansed.  I was in a weakened state and pregnant so we were going to nourish my body with herbs and nutrition.  This was so different than what so many practitioners had told me.

I learned that a nourished body is a body that heals.  I noticed a difference in symptoms in a few days.   I was encouraged and hopeful and so began my journey as an herbalist.   I continued to use herbs and lifestyle changes to bring balance to my body and felt better than I had in years.   A couple years after I had my beautiful daughter I started taking courses to become an herbalist under the tutelage of the herbalist I had first seen in Colorado and became a certified herbalist.   I really wanted to continue to expand my learning and so I continued my studies at the Eclectic Institute of Herbal Medicine in North Carolina.  This course focused on combining traditional herbalism with modern science and nutrition to train herbalists to look deep and broad for the root causes of clients’ health issues.   It gave me a better understanding of how to support clients with herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle changes while guiding and educating them on their path to wellness.

My philosophy integrates modern science and traditional herbalism into a systematic approach to healing. I love helping people and would love to work with you to help you overcome your health challenges so that you can  live the life you want!

What to Expect from an Herbal Wellness Consultation
Upon scheduling an appointment, you will asked to fill out a comprehensive health history form which will include a three day recall of you daily food intake.  Then you and I will discuss your heath history and health goals in detail.  Each symptom you experience has signifance so it is important that we go over this in detail.  I will also look at your tongue, your eyes, your pulse and what your body is telling us from the outside.   We look at your dietary intake and assess your needs based on you as an individual and find realistic ways to incorporate healthy foods into your life.

Then, I formulate a wellness program specific to your needs.  I will formulate any specific herbal formulas you need right here in my office for you to take home with you.  When you leave my office you will have a wellness program specifically for you written down in an easy to follow format.  The first consultation takes one and a half to two hours.  A follow up is scheduled in approximately three to four weeks and lasts one hour.  

So if you:
1)    Have health issues you have been struggling with and would like to dig deeper into healing by addressing the root cause.
2)    Would like to use herbal medicine and nutrition to address your health issues instead of masking symptoms, or
3)    You just want to know how to feel your best I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to answer any questions you may have concerning you health goals.  

To schedule, please fill out the contact form here, call me at 303-909-2188, or e-mail me at darcy@darcynickherbalist.com.

Best of Health,
Darcy Nick Certified Herbalist & Licensed Massage Therapist

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