I was diagnosed by my doctor in March of 2011 with arthritis in my knees which caused pain and caused my knee to give out.  I came to see Darcy a few months later and she put me on an herbal program to build up my joints and address the cause of my joint pain.  Now my joint pain is very minimal and I am able to walk without any problems.

When I first came to see Darcy I was extremely weak and I was having such terrible issues digesting my food that it was even difficult to eat. I was so weak I couldn’t even drive to the appointment. I also was retaining water in my ankles and my abdomen. In fact, the doctor had actually removed 6 liters of fluid from my abdomen just prior to seeing Darcy. I also had severe back pain and leg pain. During the first month on my nutritional program I began to see improvements in my digestion. I have been seeing Darcy for five months now and my energy is back to normal and I am enjoying gardening again. I have no more fluid retention. My leg pain and back pain are both gone. My appetite is better and my digestion continues to improve. I would definitely recommend Darcy. Instead of only addressing symptoms, she is helping me address my health issues on a deeper level. At each visit she encourages me and helps me to realize that I can be in charge of my health. If you are willing to commit yourself, you are going to see good results. – Kathy

I came to Darcy because I had been having headaches and my eye was constantly twitching. I had been to a neurologist and had an MRI and nothing was found. Therefore the neurologist suggested Botox for my eye and ibuprofen for my headache. My mom said I was too young to have Botox put into my body so I went to see Darcy. We discussed the possibilities of what would cause both of these symptoms and Darcy put me on herbs and suggested that I may need more protein to stabilize my blood sugar. I followed her suggestions and my headaches went away and my eye stopped twitching. I have been to Darcy several times since then and we have changed my herbs in order to address new issues and I have followed her directions and the programs have been very successful. – Kimberly

When I first came to Darcy I was very concerned because I was so extremely tired and cold. I had memory loss, lack of appetite and my cholesterol was high. In fact, I was only in my 30’s and my cholesterol was in the 300s. In addition to taking the supplements she had suggested she also recommended that I get my thyroid tested by my primary care physician. After getting my labs drawn, it turned out that my thyroid was extremely weak. My TSH was 330 which is an extremely high number considering the normal range in between .5-3.5. I was prescribed Armour from my doctor and Darcy supported me with this decision and suggested herbal supplementation to help support my thyroid. Additionally, Darcy educated me on foods and diet to keep my thyroid supported. I did further research and had additional labs drawn which indicated that I had Hashimotos disease. I notice my fatigue, low body temperature and other thyroid symptoms have diminished greatly not only with the Armour but the additional support from Darcy. In addition, after three months of properly supporting my thyroid, my cholesterol labs dropped within normal. I do not hesitate in the least to recommend Darcy to anyone. My three children and I all come to see Darcy to help support our health and wellbeing. – Michaella

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